We do our best business with the truth

This is the creed of the PHW Group.

Truth for this company means the cultivation of open communication and the maintenance of dialogues – even with critics. And the PHW Group counts the courage to defend its own position and creation of the necessary transparency among the most urgent tasks.
Consumer protection, food safety, animal protection and transparent production – watchwords which are rightly on everyone’s lips these days. For the PHW Group these have long been standards we set ourselves with conviction and which we apply actively, sustainably and with a view to the future. The PHW Group takes responsibility for people, animals and the environment on a daily basis.

Contact person for journalists

Please direct any questions to our press representative

Maria Große Böckmann

Engel & Zimmermann AG
Agency for Business Communications

Schloss Fußberg
Am Schlosspark 15
82131 Gauting

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