Poultry specialities & poultry breeding

WIESENHOF – An outstanding PHW brand

The business sector poultry specialities and poultry breeding including the brand WIESENHOF consists, in Germany, of:

  • 6 hatcheries with parent animal husbandry (broiler, duck, turkey)
  • 10 abattoirs and processing operations
  • 1 production operation for poultry sausage
  • 1 central veterinary lab
  • 1 central quality lab
  • 1 product development technical centre

...and in other countries, of:

  • 2 hatchery with parent animal husbandry
  • 4 abattoirs and processing operations (broiler, turkey)
  • 1 production operation for poultry sausage

WIESENHOF – Guarantee of quality and origin

The products cover poultry specialities (chicken, duck, turkey)

  • fresh poultry
  • frozen poultry
  • poultry sausage
  • convenience products
  • winter specialities
  • BBQ range, for instance “Fixe Schnitzel” and “Bruzzzler”
  • "Privathof" poultry

In poultry reproduction, the range includes the following products:

  • hatching eggs
  • day-old chicks