GePro Geflügel-Protein Vertriebsgesellschaft

Integrated production

GePro Geflügel-Protein Vertriebsgesellschaft is part of the fully integrated poultry production within the PHW Group. Headquartered in Diepholz, Northern Germany, with additional sales offices in Bangkok and Moscow GePro products are available worldwide.

As a subsidiary of GePro, PetCom Tierernährung, located in Minden, is one of the top manufacturers of dry fodder concerning the german and european domestic pet market.

Individual products

GePro turns poultry slaughter by-products into valuable animal feed components. Special fats, highly digestible proteins and flavours can be customized corresponding to customer product specifications.

Sustainable biofuel

In addition, in 2005, GePro began producing a poultry oil (SP-Power), which can be perfectly used as a biofuel. The company has thus created a more economical and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional diesel fuels.

"No matter what product - a continuous quality optimisation and a reliable logistics are key elements of the corporate philosophy which they have in common."