An important resource for the future

The PHW Group employs about 6,800 people.

Their qualifications and motivation determine the economic success of the PHW Group. Marketable products, innovations in research and continuous improvements in the company’s range of services would be inconceivable without the skills of the PHW employees. It is upon this valuable resource that the PHW Group will continue to build in the future.

The numerous vocational and further training programmes are indicators of innovative human resources and corporate policies. The close contact with universities ensures a continuous dialogue between educational institutes and the companies of the PHW Group.

The high quality of the products, the commitment to innovation in all areas and the will to invest make the PHW Group one of the most important employers in many regions. Therefore the number of employees is still growing steadily.


Since 1 July 2009, Peter Wesjohann directs the fate of the PHW Group. The handover to Paul-Heinz Wesjohann marks the advent of a third generation. The Chair of the Board of Directors is supported by an extremely committed and well-qualified workforce and a strong management team.

The management team of the PHW Group
(from left):

  • Dr. Heinrich Paul Dröge
  • Doris Wesjohann
  • Paul-Heinz Wesjohann (Consultant)
  • Peter Wesjohann (Chairman)
  • Markus Wesjohann